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Use-Case 2.0 eLearning 

Master the new generation of Use-Cases – from the creator of Use-Cases

  • Start seeing the big picture and the associated business value
  • Everything from User Stories but more
  • An agile, scalable approach ideal to work with popular frameworks such as SAFe®

What’s included?

This online course will equip you with the skills and techniques necessary to effectively elicit, communicate, and manage current and intended solution behaviours using use cases.

In particular, you will learn how to apply the new generation of use cases (Use-Case 2.0) to your agile programs and frameworks like ScrumScrum at ScaleSAFe and Disciplined Agile.

Throughout the eLearning modules, common problems and their solutions will be explored as well as summary reviews and Ivar’s top tips to remember. Reference examples and exercise solutions are also supplied.

Examination & Accreditation

Upon receiving a successful grade of 80% or greater on the final course exam, students will receive their Use-Case 2.0 Accreditation Certificate, signed by the creator of use cases Ivar Jacobson and the course instructor.

Attendees will learn

  • The principles behind use-case modelling
  • How to capture intended solution behaviours in a use-case model
  • How to build a product backlog and slice use cases to discover well-defined pieces of work for agile teams, such as Features and Stories
  • How to manage scope
  • How to create a use-case model
  • Where actors and use cases come from
  • How to iteratively develop use-case narratives
  • How to handle business rules and non-functional requirements
  • When and where to use optional features such as include and extend
  • How to drive analysis, design and testing using use cases

Who is the course for?

The Use Case online course has been designed with key business transformation roles in mind including:

  • SAFe® Product Owners, Product Managers & Solution Managers
  • SAFe® Epic Owners
  • SAFe® System, Solution & Enterprise Architects
  • Product owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Systems Analysts
  • Customer Representatives
  • Requirements Managers
  • Requirements Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Developers and Testers

There are many other roles who will also find this online course beneficial.

Seven self-paced modules

1. The Fundamentals of Use-Case Modelling

2. Finding Actors & Use Cases

3. Outlining and slicing Use Cases

4. Preparing a Use-Case Slice

5. Analysing a Use-Case Slice

6. Adapting your Use-Case Model

7. Agility with Use-Case 2.0



Dr. Ivar Jacobson has been identified as a candidate to the title: ”Father of software engineering”. His contributions span over 50 years starting from components and component architecture in 1968 to the essentials of modern software engineering in 2019. In between he created use cases and what became the Unified Process in 1986 and he was the co-creator of UML in 1997.  Ivar started to work on what became “The  Essence of Software Engineering” in 2006, and now Essence and its use cases is on a path to revolutionise the software engineering discipline.

Since its inception in 1986 the Use-Case practice has been improved in many steps with the new Use-Case 2.0 practice designed for agile teams and agile development. Use-Case 2.0 can be considered as the hub of modern software engineering.


  • "My financial client has found IJI’s online course to be an excellent way to augment hands-on training and also to on-board new analysts. The experience is user-friendly and delivered in bite-sized chunks that are easy to consume. I highly recommend this course."

    Bernie Clark, President of Scivian LLC
  • "Use case 2.0 has been key to initiation of our new project. With a team that were new to Agile, Use Case 2.0 facilitated rapid visualisation of the business layer and development of rational slices for elaboration and prioritisation. Our Use Case 2.0 deployment is invaluable for demonstrating product scope to stakeholders and ensuring requirements are captured comprehensively."

    UK Public Sector Product Manager
  • "Use Case 2.0 (or ‘Agile Use Cases’) has turned out to be the perfect solution for providing the business context, functional scope and just-in-time value-driven scenarios that fuel a prioritized backlog for agile delivery. The Use Case 2.0 approach facilitates the discovery and organization of User-centric scenarios or Slices, with the added benefit of producing definitive Test Cases for the Acceptance Criteria (which I had always found to be an area of ambiguity with ‘traditional’ User Stories). Use Case 2.0 has provided a natural bridge for the Enterprise to leverage its rich baseline of business processes, rules and requirements when transforming into Agile-centric delivery."

    Large US Bank

Recommended reading

We have a wealth of in-depth material dedicated to the World of use cases and Use-Case Modelling, see our main Use-Case Website.

Recommended experience

The course is suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience